T13 Forks – ITA and Shaft Style

Numerous sizes and styles to suit every application
ITA Mounted Forks
This style of fork is standard on most of todays conventional forklift trucks ranging from 2,000 lbs ( 1,000 kgs) through 15,500 lbs (7,000 kgs) capacity.
Shaft Mounted Forks
This style of fork is generally used on “Rough Terrain” forklift trucks, or forklift trucks associated with
construction applications.
Available Forks

  • ITA Class II thru Class IV
  • Shaft type
  • Fully tapered (top or bottom)
  • Fully tapered and polished
  • Tire forks
  • Lumber forks
  • Bolt- on forks
  • Drum cut-out forks
  • Chamfered / bevelled forks
  • Bushed-eye forks for fork positioner

Forks to suit any forklift and any application!


Made in Canada

Design, Engineered and Fabricated

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