T14SF Folding Side Fork Rotator


Totall Rotators are designed to withstand extreme conditions with minimal maintenance, due to a unique insert that replaces ball or roller bearings in the central ring gear. Elimination of traditional bearings and failure-prone inner seals has dramatically increased rotator lifespan (protecting it from inner corrosion) while also increasing operator visibility.


Made in Canada

Design, Engineered and Fabricated

T14 Rotators Totall AttachmentsFeatures


  • Superior performance in contaminated or corrosive environments
  • Dependable all season performance using sealed gearbox design
  • Low maintenance lubricated wear strip prevents traditional bearing seize
  • External speed reducer mounting and accessible lubrication points allow for easy maintenance
  • Excellent visibility around, over and through rotator body
  • Smooth 360 degrees of continuous rotation
  • Stop blocks prevent lateral movement of forks
  • Patented ring-gears with replaceable inserts
  • High resistance to salt water
  • High resistance to acids and chemicals
  • Industrial, farming and fishing usage
  • Lower fork-stops to support load during rotation



OptionsT14 Rotators Totall Attachments-1

  • Available in capacities from 3,200 lbs –12,000 lbs
  • Optional motors to suit specific torque or speed requirements
  • Numerous carriage widths and fork sizes
  • Side-stabilizing fork that folds in when not in use
  • Side-shifting
  • Third hook for full load inversion

Totall Rotators are designed to withstand severe service conditions with minimal maintenance, utilizing a patented* removable insert that replaces ball or roller bearings in the central ringgear. Elimination of the balls and the inner seals dramatically reduces the impact of corrosion, while the reduced profile facilitates operator visibility. For food processing and pharmaceutical applications (where contamination cannot be tolerated) Totall has also developed an affordable Stainless Steel Rotator that is the ultimate in corrosion resistance.

Components, including frame, ring-gear and fork bars are all manufactured from quality stainless steel. For every application, no matter how severe, there is a Totall Forklift Rotator capable of outperforming all others.




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