T25 Coil Carrier

The safest, most reliable method of handling coils of steel, wire or concrete pipe

  • Large diameter boom with smooth rounded tip
  • Wide back-plate to eliminate coil damage
  • Low mount boom for small coil pick up



  • Various diameters and capacities
  • Centre or top mounted boom
  • Quick disconnect mounting


Models available

  • Standard carriage mounted
  • Fork Mounted
  • Shaft mounted


Totall Coil Carriers are high capacity round booms capable
of lifting (from within the core) various types of coiled products
such as rolled plastic, steel, wire or concrete pipe.
All of our models can be installed on any standard forklift truck
in a matter of seconds, eliminating manual handling of large,
heavy unstable loads.
The large diameter boom with a smooth rounded tip gives extra
support to the inner core while the wide back plate reduces
damage caused by misalignment of the forklift when entering
the coil.

Simple to use in heavy duty applications!


Made in Canada

Design, Engineered and Fabricated

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